Chairman’s Message

A Message From The Chairman
School is out and many of you may have attended graduation ceremonies over the last couple of weeks. Some of those recent graduates will be honored this month at our June General Meeting. As is our tradition, the June meeting is our annual scholarship award night, and we will award $100,000 to thirty-three deserving students. This is the culmination of our fund-raising efforts throughout the year. The API Golf Tournament that we held last month, the Fall Fun Shoot that is coming up in October, and the Super Prize raffles that we do at each meeting all contribute to our scholarship fund. We were also fortunate this year to have been the recipient of additional funds from a great networking event last month hosted by C & J Energy Services, and an open house that was hosted by Howard Supply Company. Thank you to both of those sponsors!
There are over 30 local API chapters in the USA with over 9,000 members, that annually contribute between $200,000 and $300,000 combined to scholarships and other charitable causes. We can be very proud that our 800-member chapter alone is contributing $100,000 to scholarships for deserving students. We outperform all other chapters when it comes to fund raising for our scholarship program. Thank you for being the chapter with the biggest hearts in the oil industry.
Since we will have ninety-three people representing the scholarship recipients and their families at our meeting this month, space will be limited for our regular members. We would like to see as many of our regular members at this meeting to see the scholarship recipients as we can handle. We can comfortably fit 165 people into the space, so we will be able to accommodate the first 72 members to RSVP. We apologize for the inconvenience to our loyal regular members and assure you that we will be wide open for all of you in July.
June is also the month that we kick off the Oil Can Do It food drive to benefit the Golden Empire Gleaners. The food drive will have its kickoff on June 6, 2019 and will continue through the end of August. Last year the API Team raised over 24,000 pounds of food, and over $19,000 for an equivalent value of almost 63,000 pounds of food. We will be looking to do as well this year. I will be contacting many of the team members from last year to kick off their programs, and if your company is interested in participating this year, you can contact me at (661) 330-0423 or, or Tim Frame, our Community Involvement Chair, at (661) 447-5123 or
As always, I love to hear your feedback. Please feel free to call or email your comments or suggestions to (661) 330-0423,, or
I look forward to seeing you at the June Meeting!
Mike Handren
2019 API Chairman