Chairman’s Message

Welcome back to the start of the 2020 API year. This is sure to be an interesting year in our California oil industry as the politicians in Sacramento, led by Governor Gavin Newsome, attempt to do the impossible at the expense of the California oil industry. What is the impossible? It is thinking that they can turn their pipe dreams of a world without oil into a reality. We know better than that and I hope that we can pull together to inform these misinformed, ideology driven loons of the reality and the ongoing need for oil and gas to keep our state and our country enjoying the type of lifestyle that separate us from the impoverished third world.
Your API Chapter will be here with our monthly meetings and other networking activities and events to provide camaraderie, networking and fun during this rocky road ahead for the oil industry in California. We will be there at the Kern County Board Of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, January 14, 2020 to make sure our voices are heard along with hundreds of others whose lives are tied to the oil industry. I hope we can start there to get the message across to the Sacramento people that will be in attendance, and that they will take the true story back to Sacramento with them.
Now I’ll step off the soapbox to tell you that we have another great year ahead for the API and its members, starting with our January meeting to get back together after a two month hiatus. Look at the calendar of events on page 14 of the newsletter to see how the year lays out for the API and check out the photos from the Oil Baron’s Ball last November. You might see yourself.
We have our regular monthly meeting coming up on January 21, 2020. This month we have Tanner Miller of the KCSO talking about oilfield crime. He promises to make an informative and lively presentation. So make your reservations to attend the January meeting here:

This will be our first general meeting of the year, so come out and join us for socializing, networking and learning.

I love to hear your feedback. Please feel free to call or email your comments or suggestions to (661) 330-0423,, or
I look forward to seeing you all at the January Meeting!

Mike Handren
2020 API Chairman