Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message
Happy New Year and welcome to 2019! We have great expectations for a great year for the API.
We went through three and a half years of downturn in the oil industry and saw a promising turnaround for most of 2018. That turnaround enabled the US to stand at the top of the entire world production, and then we saw a pullback in oil prices at the end of the year. We have survived worse, and will survive this setback as well. Our industry is resilient and so are the people who work in this industry. Through all of this period of change, the SJV Chapter of the API has been a constant, as we have continued to meet our charter during good times and not-so-good times. We have made adjustments to our events as we had to, and were able to award $80,000 in scholarships last year. We appreciate the great support of our members that enabled us to do this, even during the less-than-great times in the business.
We are planning to have an even better year with our API SJV Chapter events this year, and are looking forward to seeing all of you at our meetings and events. We made a change to our meeting location last year and it turned out to be a hit with the members that attended the meetings at 1933 Prohibition Club. I think that since this is the time when everybody makes new year’s resolutions, it would be great if everybody that is reading this resolve to attend our general meetings on the third Tuesday of every month. As part of that resolution, you should resolve to bring along a guest or two to acquaint them with the API and the great networking opportunity our monthly meetings provide.
The first event is our January General Meeting at the 1933 Prohibition Club on January 15, 2019. Willie Rivera of CIPA and the Bakersfield City Council will be our speaker. Check out the newsletter for the speaker information. Besides a delicious meal and the opportunity to hear our speakers, you will get to meet up with a bunch of your compadres that you may have missed during the holidays. You can RSVP and pay for the meeting at our website here:
There are many events coming in the months ahead and you can keep up with them in our newsletter and on our website. Please remember to join up for the coming year so you won’t miss out on anything. You can do it quickly and easily right here:
I am looking forward to an exciting and eventful year for the API, and especially to seeing all of you again at our meetings. Let’s start it off right by getting those RSVPs in and packing the house for our January meeting!
Until next month,

Mike Handren