Chairman’s Message

A Message From The Chair

Dear API members,

This is my first message since April and a lot has happened!

We had a very successful golf tournament in May and made about $40,000 for the scholarship fund! Jim Roberts and Vance Manning co-chaired the event and it turned out great. I would like to thank them and the many volunteers who made it all work out. I also wish to extend a very big thank you to all of the sponsors and vendors at the tournament who provided the great food and beverages at three golf courses. We started that unique tradition many years ago and have seen other tournaments copy it because it adds so much to the day. The food and drink along the way, make the slow play seem a little more bearable.

In June we had our annual scholarship awards dinner at the Petroleum Club. It was attended by almost 150 people including 23 scholarship recipients and 57 of their family members. Ray Clanton provided some insight and humor for the students and we thank him for speaking that night. We awarded $80,000 to thirty deserving students and you can see them all on the API Facebook page, in our newsletter, and on our website. James McClard chaired the scholarship committee which included Jimmy Dean and Brian Burt. They did a very good job evaluating the applications and a masterful job presenting the awards at our June meeting.

Now it is July and the weather has gotten a bit warmer and the price of Midway-Sunset crude oil has heated up as well. It was over $75 per barrel on June 29and still is today as I write this! That bodes well for the local oil industry as we are seeing some good and increasing activity levels. It is a nice change from 2015.

And speaking of change, we have another change in store for you this month. After ten years at the Petroleum Club, we will be moving to 1933 Prohibition Club for our monthly general member meetings. We have enjoyed the time at the Petroleum Club and look forward to a very fulfilling time at the new venue at 1933. Our first speaker to break us in at 1933 will be Shawn Kerns, CRC Executive Vice President. I am sure he will share some things that we all want to hear. We will also be doing our super raffle to support the Golden Empire Gleaners with our Oil Can Do It food drive. So, come and join us this month at our new location and socialize, dine, support the Gleaners, listen to and question Shawn, and enjoy the company of your fellow API members.

Until next time,

Mike Handren