Chairman’s Message

A Message From The Chairman

Last month we had Assemblyman Vince Fong joining us for dinner and speaking to us after dinner about the “The Future of the Petroleum Industry In California”. Assemblyman Fong is a rare voice of common sense in Sacramento and one of Kern County’s strongest allies. He is also a strong advocate for reasonable energy policy in California and offered his thoughts on our future as an industry in California, and ways to get the message out to the general public and some of the rational members of the California Assembly and State Senate. Yes, he said there are still a few of those in Sacramento. He spoke two days after the firing of the head of the California DOGGR, who was released for issuing too many permits. I gained some hope after hearing Vince’s thoughts, and hearing Governor Newsome’s somewhat reasonable remarks while he was visiting Chevron’s site in Cymric Field. Newsome somewhat grudgingly acknowledged that we cannot just kill the oil industry until we have a real solution for the total elimination of fossil fuel that the activists and politicians are pushing. But then came the front-page article in this week’s Sunday Bakersfield Californian. The article was titled “Is the end near for oil industry? It sure sounds like it.” The article went beyond the headline and talked about the reality of eliminating fossil fuel, the lowest cost energy source we have, and the negative aspects of doing away with oil and gas in the name of climate change. The author pointed out the things that we all know: bad for the economy; higher costs for living and transportation; lower paying jobs if the oil industry goes away; bad for lower income people, bad for the environment as we would be importing oil from countries who do not respect the environment like we do. I was encouraged that the message is starting to get out there if people read the whole story and not just the headlines. I encourage all of you in the industry to take advantage of any opportunities to get the message out there. Talk to your friends and family and those who do not know the whole story about what fossil fuel elimination really means. Participate in industry sponsored visits to the state capital to inform our lesser informed legislators. We must do what we can do to convey the true story to those who are on the emotional band wagon of fossil fuel elimination in the name climate change.
This month we have Dauntless Communications speaking to us about online reputation management. They may have some ideas that fit in nicely with getting our pro-industry message out there. So make your reservations to attend the August meeting here:
If you look at our calendar of events, you can see that our next activity will be the Adopt-A-Highway party in September, followed by the Fall Fun Shoot in October. Details about the Adopt-A-Highway will be coming as we get closer to the date of the activity, but there is a flyer for the Fall Fun Shoot in the newsletter and registration is available online here: We encourage you to sign up early for what is sure to be another great event put on by our FFS Chairman Jim Roberts.
When you go to the website, you can see that we have a new sponsorship opportunity available for the Fall Fun Shoot. It is a photo sponsorship which will get your logo placed on the team photos that are provided to every one of the 300 shooters that participate. How would you like to have your company logo sitting on the desks and credenzas of our API members?
I think I am running out of space for any more commentary this month, but as always, I love to hear your feedback. Please feel free to call or email your comments or suggestions to (661) 330-0423,, or
I look forward to seeing you all at the August Meeting!
Mike Handren
2019 API Chairman