The Chairman’s Corner

As we move from winter to spring, we welcome warming weather and the second quarter of 2024.  Looking ahead, we remain steadfast in our commitment to advancing our mission and serving as a catalyst for positive change in the oil and gas sector. With your continued support and guidance, I am confident that we will overcome challenges and seize opportunities to create a better, more sustainable future for all.


In this journey towards a brighter future, your steadfast support and guidance have been invaluable. It is through your unwavering commitment that we have been able to navigate challenges and seize opportunities for growth and innovation. However, beyond mere growth, our focus extends to the profound impact we can make on individuals’ lives, particularly through educational initiatives.


One such avenue is our scholarship program, which is aimed at empowering aspiring individuals with the means to pursue higher education in fields relevant to the oil and gas industry. These scholarships not only provide financial assistance but also serve as a beacon of hope and opportunity for talented individuals who may otherwise face barriers to accessing education. Through your continued support, we have been able to expand this program, offering more opportunities to deserving students and cultivating the next generation of industry leaders.


As part of our ongoing efforts to engage and inspire, we are excited to announce a series of upcoming guest speakers and events. These occasions will provide valuable insights, foster collaboration, and further ignite our collective passion for positive change. We humbly ask for your continued support and participation in these endeavors, as we strive to propel our mission forward and make a lasting impact on the industry.


Thank you for your commitment, dedication, and belief in our shared vision. Together, we are shaping a future where sustainability, innovation, and responsibility are the cornerstones of progress.


John Chafin

Chairman, American Petroleum Institute (API), SJVC

20FEB2024 General Meeting


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The San Joaquin Valley Chapter of the American Petroleum Institute is a non-profit organization comprised of petroleum related professionals. We strive to foster a spirit of cooperation among those directly or indirectly engaged in the production of oil or gas by encouraging a free exchange of ideas among members. We support several community organizations as well as educational programs each year, and we are proud to award API Scholarships to local students pursuing careers in the petroleum industry or a closely related field.

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